Extreme log make over are the words used to describe what Tom and Dawna do. Welcome to T & D Carvings!  You are about to preview the wonderful world of chainsaw art.  Every carving is hand crafted from start to finish. On this site you'll view some examples of sculptures they've created over the years. Learn about caring for your carving, how to place a custom order, how to buy speciality carving tools, and where you might see us this year.  Thanks for looking!

Seeing the beauty inside the log! 

Tom and Dawna Ceriani
 T & D Carvings
They are one of the few husband and wife chainsaw carving teams in our country.  They both got intrigued with the art  in 2000 and have been growing in the industry ever since.  They enjoy developing their talent together while raising a family in a small Pennsylvania town.  
Extreme Log Makeover
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