We are proud distributors of Cannon Bars and also Saburr Tooth tools
Cannon Bars are one the the carvers favorites because the are made for high grade, formulated, cold rolled and annealed steel.  From raw steel, each bar is precisely laser cut and then heat treated and quenched to create the right hardness for top strength.  These bars are CNC milled leaving little margin for error, then a skilled tradesmen puts in a precision ground groove.  Each bar has a true and centered groove that is accurate to within.002"  of the desired gauge.  Next the are rail hardened using a flame tempering process.  A majority of the bars are pressed at the heel in order to reduce vibration and prevent premature cracking.   Bars of certain lengths are put to a stress relieving system to expel tension that builds up and ensures the bar will not be stressed and or be prone to premature cracking.  Cannon's care and precision makes their bars stand out against the competition.   This is why we feel Cannon is a "carver favorite".  We have been using Cannon Bars since 2000 and feel very confident you won't regret the investment.

We have a large stock of Cannon Bars on hand and ready to ship! 
If your are unsure of the mount you need for a particular saw, you can click this button to find your mount.  Or Tom would be happy to help you find what will work best for your needs.

 $7.00 shipping per BAR
tracking # included
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   DIME TIP:                                 PRICE:          
   Length    8"         C1                   $75.00   each                 
   Length  12"         C1                   $75.00   each                  
   Length  14"         C1                   $99.00   each
   Length  16"         C1                 $115.00   each
   QUARTER TIP:                           PRICE        
    Length    12"         C1                 $75.00    each                     
    Length    14"         C1                 $99.00    each               
    Length    16"         C1               $115.00    each              
   TOONIE TIP:                                PRICE:          
    Length    14"     C1 or S!                 $99.00 
    Length    14"     C1       (43 G)        $99.00                             
    Length    16"     C1 or S1              $115.00                            
    Length    20"     S1 or H1              $135.00                            
We have 43 gauge bars and chains available also!
  They are fantastic on smaller saws.  Picture shows on an electric saw and a battery saw.  T & D Carving personally runs them on gas ms 200s.& saws shown.   The new ms 150 Stihl is also a favorite for this bar.  Bars are ment to be used on softer wood and smaller saws. You will be impressed with the speed and how clean they cut. 
Call Tom at 814-590-1671
Length       12'                   $75.00 each
Length        8"                   $75.00 each

Note:   You are using your chainsaw with Cannon Bars and chains requested at your own risk. You are assuming all liability  
            when operating these tools. Please make sure you properly  
            Mount the bar and tighten to manufactures specs.  T and D Carving and or Thomas A. Ceriani Jr. or Dawna J. Ceriani  
            sell Cannon bars as a no-risk to them tool.  Please be responsible and use all safety gear required to operate your saws.                 Wear chaps, gloves, goggles, ear  and eye protection at all times!
We accept check, cash and credit cards!
These are a true, whole, Cannon Bar, 
Tom does have chains for the .43 g bars:

SUPERMINI BARS:                       PRICE:
Length      16"        S1 & H1           $90
Our Cannon Bar winner from the Ridgway Rendezvous this year was Chad Gainey!!!  And the "Carving at the Casino" Bar winners are: 
 Stevie Songer, Jason Stoner and Joe Stebbings.